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Restaurants Care COVID-19 Grant


Restaurants Care is a program of the California Restaurant Association Foundation (CRAF). We provide one-time financial support to restaurant employees facing an unforeseen hardship. Grants help to cover basic living expenses such as rent, food and utilities as someone works through a crisis. If you are injured, ill, in a natural disaster or experience personal challenges from mental health or substance abuse, Restaurants Care is here to help. It is our way of giving back to the employees at the heart of our restaurant community.

  1. Fill out the application in its entirety
  2. Be prepared with your: proof of California residency, proof of working in a California foodservice establishment (last two paystubs), proof of restaurant closure (screenshot OK), other potential documentation where applicable (doctor's note for medical quarantine/diagnosis, proof of relationship if primary caretaker).
  3. All applications that meet our established criteria will be evaluated
  4. Depending on funding, eligible applicants will be given a grant and notified via email of the amount
  5. A check is sent within 7-10 business days
  6. Once received, the check is yours to spend in the area you deem most urgent. You are not taxed on this grant, nor will you owe it back

Eligibility Requirements:

We are committed to serving California’s food service community as we work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this time, due to our current resources and in an effort to help our most vulnerable, Restaurants Care grants are evaluated in the following order of priority for restaurant workers who are:

(1) Diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19), or a caregiver for an immediate family member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or quarantined with a doctor’s note
(2) Restaurant closed and out of work 3 weeks or more and no unemployment benefits

Please rest assured that we are working tirelessly to address an influx of requests for financial assistance and it is our goal to support as many in our restaurant community as possible. All qualified grant requests will be reviewed. Restaurants Care grants are awarded to eligible individuals based on available funds and limited to one per individual.