Fund Details
Restaurants Care general fund (for Food + Beverage Workers)


Restaurants Care offers emergency assistance to California food and beverage workers facing an unanticipated hardship within the past 90 days such as: accident, illness, injury, death of an immediate family member or natural disaster. If you are in need of assistance, please complete the application form. All grant requests will be reviewed. Restaurants Care grants are awarded to eligible individuals based on available funds and limited to one per individual. Grants cover cost of living expenses for life-altering events and range from $250-$1500.

Types of expenses we cover:
•Rent or mortgage 
•Utilities (water, gas, electric, sewer) 
•Funeral expenses and travel for funeral 

Eligibility Requirements:

We will review all applicants currently employed in a California foodservice establishment (even if on leave) who have experienced a life-altering event over the last 90 days.

Submit copies of all that apply as proof of hardship (some are required):

___ Rent or mortgage bill or statement
___ Bills: electric, gas, water/sewer, homeowners assoc. or property tax statements 
___ Documentation of illness or injury
___ Receipts for medical supplies or transportation for medical care
___ Verification documentation for funeral expenses, natural disaster, or housing emergency
___ Doctor verification or death certificate